See what it feels like to refresh

Do you feel like old or failing IT devices are holding you back?

Do you want your workforce to feel more motivated and improve productivity?

In this short video, you'll discover how the benefits of regularly refreshing your devices can reach far beyond the IT department and can make every part of your business feel revitalised. Give your employees time to focus on new opportunities with lifecycle management from 3 Step IT.

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Ten business benefits of
a regular IT refresh

Did you know that replacing your PC every 3 years is 24% less expensive than keeping a PC for six years?

Newer, more reliable devices can relieve the support burden on IT, boost employee productivity and result in major savings to the total cost of ownership. 

Cost is just one benefit of an IT refresh. Read our infographic to discover nine more.

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How IT financing can work for you

Buy IT devices and it can be expensive, impractical and unsustainable to equip your workforce with up-to-date technology.

Lease IT devices and accessing the latest innovation is fast, easy and free of budget pressure, especially when adopted as part of a wider IT lifecycle management strategy.

In this whitepaper, learn how the benefits of leasing can be felt throughout your business and discover:

  • Why access beats ownership
  • Leasing myths vs the reality
  • Compare the cost of a bought PC vs a leased PC

How to get the tech you need

We live in a competitive world where failing computers and devices mean costly downtime. Employees typically waste more than two weeks a year wrestling with office technology.

With a well-planned IT strategy, your workforce can always have the best devices, which increases employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.

Download this eBook to review:

  • Creating a successful IT refresh plan
  • How new tech makes your workforce more productive
  • A refresh success story: Wedlake Bell

Wedlake Bell use relocating as an opportunity to refresh

Flexible IT life cycle management allows Wedlake Bell to pursue IT refresh strategy, in a simple, secure and cost effective manner.

"The whole service helps me manage my assets from start to finish and for the Head of IT, it makes my job a hell of a lot easier"
- David Hymers, Head of IT

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Learn how IT financing can work for you:

  • Lease IT in a flexible, cost-effective way
  • Simplify your budget planning with predictable payments
  • Remove the expense of secure disposal

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